Paymate Acquires US Payments Firm ACT Merchant Services

16 May 2011. Silicon valley based “Australian” payments innovator Paymate has acquired Massachusetts-based ACT Merchant Services, adding mobile payment services to allow merchants to accept payment via smart phones and other mobile devices. Terms have not been disclosed.

In addition, Paymate will add the issuance of debit/credit cards to its growing portfolio of payment services.

Merchants today utilize multiple forms of payment sources in order to satisfy their customer’s buying habits and to grow their business. With the continuing evolution of mobile devices and the increasing speed of wireless networks, merchants, tradesmen and mobile sales professionals demand the most cost-effective, accurate and secure methods of accepting payments for their goods and services.

Paymate, a leader in providing payment services to merchants worldwide for over 10 years, is expanding those services with the acquisition of ACT Merchant Services and their core competency of offering the devices and infrastructure necessary to transact business utilizing smart phones and other mobile devices.

“It’s important for merchants today to accept multiple forms of payment for their products through a single payment service provider while simplifying and accelerating the sales transaction process,” says Garrett Gafke, President & CEO, Paymate. “With the acquisition of ACT Merchant Services our merchants will benefit from the addition of mobile payment and prepaid debit card services to Paymate’s innovative payment services portfolio that will continue to minimize their risk, help accelerate their growth and improve customer satisfaction.”

ACT merchants will seamlessly integrate to avail themselves of additional payment services offered by Paymate. In addition, there will be tighter integration with ROAM Data and their mobile platform and services including the ROAMpay Swipe Secure Mobile Card Reader for processing credit, debit and gift card transactions from smart phones and other mobile devices.

“ACT Merchant Services has been a leader in enabling merchants, contractors and other independent businesses with the ability to accept transactions over the wireless network and in offering prepaid debit card services to the direct selling industry,” according to Bill Elrick, President, ACT Merchant Services. “We are very pleased to be able to align with a company with a worldwide presence and infrastructure to quickly integrate our capabilities for the benefit of all of our merchants.”

With the integration of ACT Merchant Services, Elrick will be heading up Paymate’s efforts in expanding and enhancing the mobile payment services component of the Paymate product line.

About Paymate

Paymate is an industry-leading provider of a complete set of online payment services leveraging the latest innovations in technology to meet the current and evolving needs for financial transactions for small to enterprise businesses worldwide. Paymate services are available to buyers in 57 countries around the world, and sellers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Paymate can facilitate all forms of electronic commerce globally while assuring that these transactions are secure and trusted. Our mission is to provide world-class payment reliability and customer service to all subscribers.

About ACT Merchant Services

ACT Merchant Services provides Advanced Payment Solutions for the 21st Century that address the real needs of merchants in Retail, Restaurants, and the Direct Sales Industry. ACT is a registered ISO with one of the largest Payment Processor in the world, First Data Independant Sales. ACT specializes in mobile processing, providing innovative and highly competitive payment processing solutions.

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