AVOS / De.licio.us Acquires Aussie Links site Trunk.ly

9th Nov 2011. AVOS, the company behind the September relaunch of the link-library site De.licio.us, and set up by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen after it was purchased by Google for $1.76 billion, has announced that it has acquired Australian links site Trunk.ly in order to beef up the renewed service. Terms have not been disclosed.

Trunk.ly saves links more aggressively than Delicious, with an automated aggregation that can collect every link that you share on Twitter or Like on Facebook and LinkedIn, collating them in one place.

“It became clear from the first discussion with Trunk.ly’s founders that our visions for the future of bookmarking and discovery were closely aligned,” said Hurley, chief executive of AVOS, in a statement. “Their technology and insights will accelerate link-saving and searching capabilities in Delicious.”

Melbourne-based Tim Bull and Alex Dong, who co-founded trunk.ly, thanked their users in a blog post.
“We never expected that 12 months ago we would grow Trunk.ly to the success it’s become and we really do owe that to you, our users who have helped us, supported us and promoted us along the way,” the two wrote. “We really hope you’ll join us at Delicious, we’re very excited to be working with them, there is a great team there with ambitious plans and together we hope to build the best way to discover and collect the web.”

Trunk.ly has ceased accepting new sign-ups and will continue to operate for another two months to give users time to migrate their links. Trunk.ly has effectively ceased developing its own product, moving its efforts over to Delicious development.

Bootstrapped on less than $5,000, Trunk.ly has lived a short life, with work on its code base beginning in October 2010 and its launch occurring in December 2010. At the time it was being launched, rumours swirled around that Yahoo would shut down Delicious, the dominant global player in social bookmarking. The company experienced unexpected press coverage and a huge amount of traffic, in what could be described as a baptism of fire.

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